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Looking for something special?
We can tailor a course for your needs!

Do you have LOTS of students?
We offer solutions for 100s of students!

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Teal and White Tropical Class schedule (

We can help all organisations meet

their specific needs. Whether they want:

  • to train your team or your whole business, 

  • the courses to be supported with a zoom session,

  • a portal &certificates with your business branding,

  • your staff can have administration rights,

  • bulk upload your students and set reminders, 

  • create tailored induction or training courses etc. 

We can design a course that explains your company's specific management systems to make staff and contractor inductions easy. We can even generate certificates, remind you when training expires and update the course when your management system changes! WOW! So easy:) 

We can support as many students as you like! Even better, we can provide you with a discount for the more students and courses, you sign up!

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