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How does eTACO work?

eTACO offers fun and easy awareness training for ISO Management Systems. Our online training will supercharge your staff's understanding of how management systems work and the value they can add to your organisation.

What do Tacos have to do with ISO standards? 

As well as eTACO being a nice shortening of our name (easy Training for Auditors and Compliance Online),

Taco's represent our business so well as they are:

  • 💃 SUPER FUN... and so are our great courses, 

  • 🥑 LAYERED  with FILLINGS...  our students can pick the number of courses they add to their learning, 

  • 🌮 QUICK and EASY... so are our short 2 to 10+ hour awareness courses! No sitting in training for days! 

How we add some spice to your Management Systems!

Our Shorter 2+ hour courses

Our shorter courses offer a fun introduction to the ISO Management Standards. In just a couple of hours, students learn the basics of what is an ISO standard, its structure, and key requirements in practice. This is best suited for all staff including those with no experience in ISO to those who want a refresher. Complete in 2 to 4 hours at your own pace.

Our Longer 10+ hour courses

Our longer Awareness Courses offer detailed ISO Management Standard training. Over one to two days, students learn everything covered in the short courses, plus more information on each standard requirement. This course offers sample documents you can download. and are aimed at staff who are involved in conducting internal audits, managing, or coordinating your management system. Complete in ten plus hours at your own pace.

No more expensive, inconvenient, or boring courses

Our affordable courses can be completed on computers, tablets, and phones and students can pause and start their training anytime. This allows organisations to train staff at convenient times. All courses use simple language with voice-overs, fun original videos, examples, sample documents and simple interactive quizzes.

Online can be better and SAFER than face to face

Most staff want to complete training at a time that suits them and in small bursts between their other work. The days of gathering a room full of your staff in a room for half a day are over! Organisations want to keep staff training up to date and may need to train staff at different times, or one at a time. Face to face training has become impractical, expensive and is not social distancing. 

Great Customer Support and Training

Our team of ISO experts deliver excellent customer service and one on one support for your students and team via email, phone, online discussion forums and messages. Students can be assigned courses with automatic reminders for due and expiry dates. 

Deliver training anywhere, anytime 

Our courses can be completed on any device on the internet including computers, tablets, and phones. Once registered students can start learning straight away and can pause their courses at any time and start again from where they left off. 

Inclusive and accessible

We pride ourselves on being extremely accessible for all students including those with special reading and visual needs with voiceovers and formating features.

Blended Learning 

We can host virtual blended learning training sessions right on the eTACO platform and integrated with videoconferencing tools such as Zoom. 

Certificates and Reports 

All students receive a certificate upon completion. We can design tailored certificates with expiry dates if you would like students to complete regular refreshers. You can also run reports so you can see the progress of your students. 

Learning Paths
We can help students completed multiple courses through a tailored pathway that prompts users to complete each lesson in the most valuable way. 

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