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Who should do an eTACO course?

Everyone working in an organisation with ISO systems should have an awareness of how the standards work. Our courses suit whole teams needing a refresher, new staff joining your team, job seekers wanting to expand their skills and many more. 

We offer awareness training for individuals and teams to learn the basics of ISO standards, roles and responsibilities within a management system, how to develop and implement a management system, and complete internal audits. 

Staff who benefit from our 10+ courses include:

  • System Coordinators

    • IMS Coordinators

    • System Administrators

  • Internal Auditors

    • New or existing

    • Internal or external

  • Supervisors & Employee Reps

    • Health and Safety Reps (HSRs)

    • Team Leaders

Staff who benefit from our 2 hour courses include:

  • Senior Management

    • Business Owners

    • Directors

  • All staff

    • Inductions for new staff

    • Refresher for all workers

Which eTACO course is right for you?

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Scenario 5

What is the difference between Certification and Awareness courses?

Traditionally, everyone wanting to learn about ISO standards had to complete a long and expensive Certification course, even if they had no interest in becoming a Certified Lead Auditor or ISO consultant. 


This created an expensive and time consuming barrier for everyone else who just wanted to learn about the ISO standards to do great work within their organisations. 


Our awareness courses are for these people. Our courses are quicker, cheaper, more practical, fun and designed specifically for people who don't need or want to complete a full Lead Auditor Certification Course.


Please see the table below that highlights the differences between the two options: 

compare etaco courses to other (1).png
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